Portrait of Helen Greene

This painting crackles with fearlessly experimental colors, employing a wide range of pointillist techniques.

Helen painting in 1920.

Creator: Arthur Franklyn Musgrave [1878-1969], husband of the sitter

Acquired 2013-08-24 from Santa Fe, New Mexico (US)

Dimensions: 18" x 15"

I was drawn to this painting because of a first-hand encounter with this painting by Ted Seth Jacobs http://i.imgur.com/iM42F81.jpg which, at the time in 2007, had opened my mind considerably as to how color could be used boldly in the shadows, and not just in the light. Note the eye sockets, eyelids, and under the nose.

3D model: http://www.123dapp.com/obj-Catch/Oil-Painting/1902236

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