View of Mallorca, Spain

Creator: William H. Waldren [1924-2003]

Acquired 2013-05-17 from Branson, Missouri (US)

Dimensions: 14.25" x 11.125"

This was likely painted in 1953, the year in which Waldren first set foot on Mallorca.

“After careers as a championship figure skater, a published poet, a photography teacher, and an accomplished painter, he went on to become a world-class archaeologist. At the age of 50, Waldren went to college for the first time, earned a doctorate from Oxford University, and became a member of their archaeology faculty. He went on to rewrite the prehistory of the western Mediterranean and build the Deia Archaeological Museum and Research Center (DAMARC) to hold 30 years' worth of discoveries.”

I was drawn to this painting because it shares the painterly broadness of vision as John Singer Sargent’s Venetian studies:

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